OnePlus 9RT 5G Review Specs Features and Price

OnePlus 9RT 5G Review Specification:

The OnePlus 9RT 5G is a high-end Android phone that comes standard with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Using Qualcomm's new Snapdragon X55 5G modem, it can connect to Verizon Wireless' superfast 5G network for all your seriously bandwidth-intensive phone needs.

Although the screen on this phone looks half as big as the one on the OnePlus 9T, it's still a pretty good size. The screen has very thin bezels all around, but there is no notch because of the OnePlus' commitment to maintaining its classic look.

The beefier specs are only obvious on paper, though. The 8GB RAM and 256GB storage are theoretically useful additions, but I can't imagine many people needing this much power in a smartphone - especially since the Snapdragon 855 chip inside is still Qualcomm's flagship chipset from earlier in 2019.

Yes, it may be one of the fastest Android phones you can buy right now, but that doesn't count for much when apps are struggling to take advantage of its cutting-edge specs, just like they did with previous OnePlus flagships. There are few examples of dynamic allocation helping out apps that need more memory.

OnePlus 9RT 5G Features:

The phone also comes with some impressive Face ID technology that is almost as fast and secure as Apple's version. It looks like the future.

Some competitors, like Lenovo's Moto Z3, are launching their 5G phones with an accessory that snaps on the back like a case. The OnePlus 9RT 5G has no such option; it's just a phone, and that means you can't snap-on accessories to make it even more powerful. This is irritating.

OnePlus 9RT 5G Price:

The OnePlus 9RT 5G is also expensive, retailing for $999 to start. If you want the high-end version with 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM, it'll cost you even more--$1,599.

OnePlus phones are known for their sleek designs that accommodate the tall batteries users want without adding much thickness. The OnePlus 9RT 5G is no exception and can still charge with any wireless charger.


If you want a phone that looks good and comes with cutting-edge technology, this is it.

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