Upcoming Apple Mobile Phones

Apple's next iPhone is expected to be called iPhone 13 Pro Max. We have some news about apple new mobile phone design, display size and some interesting specs from apple insider. apple new mobile phone will launch on September 2019. apple has already launched the most expensive and great apple iphone 11 pro, apple also confirmed that they will bring more powerful and improved apple devices in 2019.

If we compare apple 2018 releases with apple 2013 releases then we can say that apple is currently very fast at updating their smartphone lineup with the latest technology available to consumers.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max release date (expected): 

Apple is going to wait for a month or two before launching apple's most promising models like apple iphone 2020, until then apple can make apple iphone 13 pro max available. apple new mobile phone release date is expected to announce in the month of September 2019

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Specification (Expected): 

apple has not disclosed much about apple iphone 2020, apple only mentioned that they will bring more powerful and improved apple devices in 2019, we can assume that apple iPhone 11 pro has a 4k display which could be apple's first model with this display type from apple .

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Design: apple iPhone 13 pro max will have a great body design just like apple iphone 2020 because Apple always updates their smartphone design every year. it is difficult for us to find any change in apple iPhone 2020 design but we can expect apple iphone 2020 in a new design. apple apple iPhone 2020 concept shown below

According to apple insider apple iPhone 13 pro max will have apple's latest A13 chipset and apple's latest iOS 13 operating system, apple can also launch apple iPhone 13 with older processor like Apple A12 Bionic and iOS 12 because the hardware of apple iPhone 13 pro max is not much powerful as compared to apple iPhone 2020 (apple does this type of thing for low-cost smartphone) .

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Price: we cannot predict apple price based on apple 2019 releases but we can compare it to current apple flagship releases like Apple iphone 11 pro which starts at $999 and continues up to $1,099 for 512GB model.

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